Me In A Relationship

Before I begin my one thought I always say is that I’m happy in a relationship and I am happy when I am single.

We’ve all dated, seen how we are in relationships and out of them. But, even if just for my own reflections I wanted to write out how I am in relationship, the honest, female truth.


    When I say this I need to clarify, I am needy when it comes to being told how my significant other feels. Some days I can go with just a little short sweet text or talking briefly and the amazing words “I’ll talk to you later, I love you.” at the end of the conversation. A lot of days when my emotions are working overtime, my medicine starts acting up, or just a long day, I want a long text or post about how my significant other feels about me, what I do for them, or so on. Yeah it sounds really needy which is why I admit it to myself wholeheartedly.  I don’t NEED gifts, to go  eat at fancy places, or to go out or travel. All I need is emotional things. I am really easy to please when it comes to that because even the smallest things will make my day brighter. My boyfriend knows if he gets text saying “You love me?” or “Babe be sweet!” I am in need of him to express his feelings in the form of a long text or what have you.


    A lot of times when things seem to change, for whatever reason, I start overthinking about all the negative possibilities. I know a lot of people do this but let me give you a situation. Let’s say that my boyfriend usually sends me sweet goodnight texts. If I wake up and I don’t have one on my phone I will start thinking I did something wrong or he must be mad at me. It really gets me in to trouble because I have a problem of going off, sending a long text being emotional and asking what is going on, or not thinking before I assume anything. I will send a text accusing my boyfriend of something and then hours later realize “oh my gosh that was stupid to assume”.


    When a girl likes my boyfriends workout post, but always ignores his posts about me and leaves flirty comments on his page, let me just tell you girl I become petty. This is a flaw and I know it, I will bad mouth these girls allllll day long. My biggest pet peeve is when these girls who know how my boyfriend was single for a long time, but is now in a relationship (and has been for 6+ months) and they know but still try to talk to him. They try to tempt him to talk to them in some way, then if he doesn’t want to they start writing all these bad things about him or me.

This may not seem like a lot but it was on my mind and for once I thought I would post without worrying about what people might think about it.


4 thoughts on “Me In A Relationship

  1. I honestly think you just described me! I couldn’t believe what I read – this is ME all over!

    I am working on my self, I really am. It’s hard, I have to admit.

    I am very needy, if my boyfriend doesnt say ‘lovey’ (our cute word) to me, I’ll go off + be like why can’t you call me lovey, where are you? what are you doing?

    If we are in bed + he doesn’t cuddle me, I’ll question him + say we are drifting apart.

    I overthink EVVVVVERYTHING! If he doesn’t reply straight away I think he is out cheating on me or he is on the phone to another woman.

    I am the most jealous person alive – I will always make nasty comments when he scrolls through facebook about the girls on his newsfeed, when we are at the shop I accuse him of looking elsewhere + that he doesn’t love me.

    It’s honestly the BIGGEST issue for me 😦


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