In the Right Direction

My life is heading in the right direction for once. I’m not saying there are not problems or concerns but I thought I would give you all an update.

For school I am keeping up very well with my classes and making better grades then I ever have. 

For work I decided to try and get an internship in Alabama for this Summer. I have applied to several places and gotten an email from one of my top choices about going further in the process.

With friends I have mended a lot of bridges with past friends who I have hurt. I have tried to keep connected with those I consider friends, finding time for them or just catching up. I have come to fine that these people mean a lot to me and help me stay sane through all my stress.

Dating. I have been dating, the man I’ve been wanting to be with for almost six years, for a little over a month now. I can see the change he has made to be with me, I can see how hard he tries for us, and I have come to appreciate the small things and rely less on being bought things, becoming more focused on making sure we are both taken care of mentally and emotionally. 

For my mental health I am working on. There are still days when I feel my life is nothing, where I don’t want to be alive anymore. Trying to stay in contact with my friends has helped my mental state a lot. I want to start focusing more on my faith because I know that with God I feel at peace knowing I am loved, important, and special in his grace.

Each day gets better and I find new ways to keep myself from drowning in the sorrows of my past or present, or the unknown of the future. I just hope I don’t fall off the path I’m on now, I pray that I find guidance and can become earnestly happy.