The Choices About Future Life

This is my last year at Auburn University, I plan to graduate in the Fall of this year, and currently looking for an internship for this Summer.

My dream is to work in New York City for a couple of years, in that case I felt it was good to look for internships there for Summer. My logic comes from being told more companies hire for internship than actual jobs, plus getting an internship in a company would lead to an easier way to come back and work for that same company. I have been talking and put into communication with several people who are in that area, and also know my major.

Problem Number One: I have been trying to get a foothold some where, meaning that I haven’t got an offer for “yes we’d love to have you intern here” or “apply with us and we will let you know” most of my contact has been back and forth with no set plans, just finding out what I want to do, where I would be comfortable, and so forth. I realize this is how I get the internship but Summer is getting closer, I also have to register the internship before then as well.

Problem Number Two: If I get the internship in New York I will need to have money to pay for food and a place to stay, which as we all know is expensive there. So I have to look for a job for my Spring semester that has just recently started. The classes I am taking are harder than I have taken before (duh it my final year), and I don’t know if I can make the good grades that I need and also have a job at the same time.

Problem Number Three: If I focus too much on getting an internship in New York and then I don’t get one then I missed out on all of the internships I could have gotten near home or even just other offers.

Problem Number Four: If I don’t get an internship in New York then I feel my dream of working there won’t come true, that I’ll end up stationary living miles from where I was raised and never making my dreams come true. Also, it would be harder for me to just try to find a job there without having the internship there first.

All the stress from this major life decision, and from school is starting to show. I just have to keep my head up and power through hoping for the best.