New Life

Updates on life:
School was difficult to begin with, I had to drop one of my five classes. Now it seems like I can keep up with things better, I’m enjoying all of my classes and met a couple of new good friends as well!
Family life is not as good as I would like. I feel like I disappoint my mom a lot and my dad is still paying for me. I sent an application to work on campus but for stupid reasons my email was not sent to the right person and got sent back to me. I am going to try on this spring break to spend more time with family and try to help out as much as I can.
Friends are going alright, I feel like I keep losing and gaining friends. My good friend Daniel doesn’t like a person I am talking to so he said he needed space. Mary seems to be finding people that are closer to her that she likes better than me. Maybe I’m the problem.
Love life is difficult. I found someone who I have a bad past with but he wanted another chance. So far we have had a few times where I get scared to get close but honestly it’s been better then I could have imagined. It makes me happy but all my friends are wary of him maybe I am too a little but I don’t want to give up when he makes me feel so amazing just being around him.
Emotionally I am decent. I got switched to another medicine for my ADD\ADHD and my depression isn’t as bad I don’t feel sleepy all the time. I still end up feeling depressed throughout the week, but I am trying to preoccupy myself doing whatever I can to be happy.


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