Breaking up

I recently broke it off with my boyfriend of almost two years.

To some this may sound like a “that’s not that long really”, but for me I have never had one last more then a month. So this was a huge step for me.

I want to tell you all, man or woman, if you aren’t happy don’t stay. Relationships most of the time lead some where like marriage or living together etc., before you make any long lasting commitment to someone make sure you are happy.

Even if they are the best person in the world, if you aren’t happy and things don’t seem to be working for either of you then leave. 

I don’t want to stay somewhere if I know I am not making that person as happy as they could be, and I wouldn’t want them to be with someone who isn’t as happy as they could be. 

I want everyone to find their true love, even if their true love is just being alone for a little while (or a long while), everyone deserves that.

I may find someone, I may not, the point is I’m not looking and for once in my life there isn’t a single relationship that I am putting before myself. 

I may love him forever, but I know what is best. 


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