Update: Second semester at Auburn

Well my first semester (fall) went well, not as well as I would have hoped but I will try better this next semester. School starts on the 13th, I think I’ll be ready. I made a new friend named Victoria, she is great to talk to and be around. 

I’m about to be an aunt again, on the 14th. My oldest sister is having her third child. Another boy to add to the other two she has. I can’t wait to meet him and see him, he will be the youngest just like me. 

I spent winter break with my family. Cut down or Christmas tree, spent Christmas and New Years with them. My sister Annie just got approved for her house and she has been picking out furniture. We are all so happy about it especially her.

I got a cat. She was kept in a coop with chickens, they pecked at her and she was pregnant at the time. She ended up getting sores on the back of her feet because of the coop. A lady rescued her, allowed her to have her kittens, and found them homes. No one wanted the mother cat so the lady posted on Craigslist about it. I responded and picked her up. Cleaned her up. Have her a bath, got her fixed and up to date on shots. As of now the sores on her feet we had surgeries to remove. They wounds after got infected and are now finally beginning to heal, she has to be kept in a small space for most of the day to stay off her feet and to make sure they don’t get infected again. One is almost healed fully, the other foot is still large but healing thank goodness it’s been two months. Her name is Selina.

My depression got really bad over break and I thought I was honestly not going to make it. Pressures of family, upcoming school, friends, and my relationship became to much. I am doing better now, I started cooking more which really helps, I got new music for my phone and that helps a lot too. I’m hoping I stay positive and can keep going this way.

I always say I will post more but i am honestly going to try, this will hopefully be a good outlet for my thoughts, and happenings in my life.


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