Happiness emerges 

Talking to people about what’s going on does help. That statement may feel like it can’t be true, but when you go through something like depression you can’t stay alone.  Depression wants you to stay alone, it wants you to think that you have no one, but you can’t give in. 

I have realized the people you want in your life are people, who when you go to them and tell them things that they do that may upset you, they don’t get angry. They apologize, or they work with you to understand what’s going on so you both get a better understanding of fixing any problems in your friendship/relationship. 

I want to start making a list of things throughout my day or week that make me happy, or have impacted my life in a good way. There are always bad things that happen to you or around you. You should always focus on the positive, which I have tried to do but even I find that hard to do. 


1. Having a pet to take care of and hold is one of the best feelings in the world. I used to think Guinea pigs were scary and ugly, they had huge eyes and I honestly don’t know why but they just scared me. When AJ and I got Jin I knew when I saw him that I had to have him. He needed me, and I needed him. After a month or so, he has cute little habits. He nibbles and licks my fingers when I hold him, the way he eats a cucumber, how he runs or scurries while we are playing, so many things, but having him has made depression easier.

2. My family and I don’t always see eye to eye, but when I get the chance for a trip home there is nothing better than my dad and moms hugs. I love hearing things they have to tell me, about music the “old days”, movies, anything really. I like having sister who I can finally talk to about anything, we are constantly in communication and it’s great.

3. Music has always been a passion of mine, I’ve been listening recently to The Beach Boys Pet Sounds, I always heard that it was an amazing album but I never took the time to discover it. Now I have and it’s inspirational, as always The Beatles has been on my playlist, it can take you places and music has a way to change or improve your mood. 

4. AJ has been great, taking me camping, he always asks how my day is going and surprises me with sweet texts or phone calls. Seeing him on the weekends means waking up to him being there, not a text away.  He knows how to lift my spirits.

Keep your mind clear of sadness, make it your mission to be happy and to never let what someone else says to you ruin your life.


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