Catching up

I skipped a week and now I am back just a day late from my normal blog writing schedule. This is going to be more of an update about things in my life.

School: I am doing well in my classes with A’s and a B, usually I have no free time for anything else because I am either at the library studying or at home studying, but I am keeping up and well on my way to being at Auburn some time next year.

Family: My family is great, my oldest sister just gave birth to a little rascal named Dechlan, my parents are enjoying spending time with my little nephews, my sister closest to me has bought herself an amazing new challenger, and my middle sister has been doing great with her job making us all so proud!

Me: I have made some new good friends, I have kept in touch with a few from my old school. My dad got me a Mustang since my car was barely making it back and forth from school. I will start making payments when I get a job no later than January. I am almost at the four month mark with my boyfriend which is a big deal for me.

Emotional Me: I am getting better at moving past some things that have caused me trouble, but like everyone there are always things that are harder than others. After being so used to being depressed about everything in my life it is hard to move past and let your self be happy. It has gotten harder to sleep, I think it’s because of the thoughts about certain past experiences that get to me. I have decided to try and stop burdening other people with my problems, I feel like an inconvenience when I do and I always here the same thing that doesn’t seem to help or give me any hope that some thoughts will diminish. I will keep on the fight to stay strong, but it does get hard.

I hope you all have a good week, I promise to have something better to write about then just catching up with me, next week!