What you say

Our words are one of the most powerful things we have as humans. We can communicate feelings, thoughts, and ideas. Along with the ability to speak also comes a more desperate need to be silent.

Often I find my self walking around or driving, if I see a girl who looks better (in my opinion) than me, I automatically try to find fault with her. If a friend is with me I will “jokingly” point out her flaws. Maybe this comes from being bullied when I was younger, maybe it does not.

We hurt people we don’t even know with our words, taking any misplaced thing we see or have heard about them, forever they are burned into our brain as a person who we have corrupted to be not as good or having many faults. Even if those words or thoughts never leave your head it doesn’t mean it effects no one.

When we categorize anyone we do not know personally by small things like a pimple, torn clothes, tattoos, piercings, or hair color, we are hurting others if these thoughts leave our mouths, but we also are hurting ourselves.

Often people look at one side of a story, not seeing who else it could effect. We build up all of this hate or disgust towards people we do not know and it eats away at us. I know it makes me unhappy to do this as much as I do.

I challenge everyone who reads this to walk up to someone they might have said mean things about before or even if you wanted to think of something nasty when you just saw them. Find something you like about them, it is always easy to see what you would consider “wrong” with a person but just as easily can we find good things about them. Any time you catch yourself about to say an ugly or hateful word to or about someone, do this, tell them how great they look. As my mom always reminded me: “What did Thumper’s mom always say? ‘If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all'”, this quote is as real and true as it gets.


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