Relationship Advice: Trust

I have always thought that I give pretty good relationship advice, harsh at some times, but mostly true. Some times I do not listen to my own advice and neither do others but I thought I would start putting my advice here to help anyone who needs it. This is the first of probably many relationship advice posts, it is about the basis of a good relationship, trust.

No matter who you have been with in the past there has probably been a lack of trust at some point in the relationship. Some people go through those times and become stronger, changing what they need to, others do not get the picture of what they are doing wrong and keep lacking in trust of others.

Some people blame old relationships for their current mindset, in all reality there is probably a deeper problem. Let me explain.

Meeting someone you are meant to be with, whether it is just a happy all around relationship or something more serious, they have a presence about them you can not explain. You trust them, some people are naive and have what I call a “fake sense of trust”, they want to trust their significant other. These people may even tell the people closest to them “how much they trust this person”, but in their mind they know that if he/she went out with an ex, they would never accept it and would be thinking the worst even after the person says nothing happened.

True trust comes when that person is open with you about everything, I can honestly say I could give my boyfriend my phone and he could look through every social network, photo, and message, and there would be no thought of worry in my mind because I know there is nothing to find, and if I asked him he would let me do the same. There is not a single thing you should keep from your partner.

As trust goes so does dishonesty, if everyone around you can see that something is wrong or they are telling you advice that you do not want to hear, most of the time you are blind and do not want to believe the worst.

A quote from one of my favorite movies Moulin Rouge “Without trust, there can be no love”, it is very true. If you have caught your partner in a lie, do not think that it will never happen again because chances are since they know they have gotten away with it once they will do it again. Ignoring trust can be a major downfall for any relationship, do not miss the warning signs. Every person knows these signs but rarely do we listen to them or pay attention.

Happiness is worth being alone, or waiting to find someone that doesn’t lie to you, that you can trust. It is better then wasting your time and being hurt, but most of us have to be hurt to learn anything.


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