Sleepless nights

For those who don’t know, I don’t sleep well. I toss and turn, I have gotten used to it over the years. So many things go through my head and at night I can’t seem to quiet them. So I end up writing, some things are dark, and some aren’t.

Tossing and turning,
My mind on high.
Life has troubles,
That weigh on my mind.
I close my eyes and demons attack,
Their claws latch to my skin.
Pulling and yanking,
Tearing the pieces of my very soul.
I wake up with a face,
Embedded in my mind.
His eyes of red,
Skin like leather,
Claws sharp like lions teeth.
He mocks me and tells me I am alone.
My mind believes him,
My mind, my own.

It is dark,
I am alone.
A hand outreaches for me.
It is soft and warm.
I am led away from the darkness to the light.
Where I come face to face with my hero.
His eyes of brown comfort my heart,
With a kiss he tells me all is well.
Feeding my soul with his stories,
Healing my wounds with his words.
I was afraid but not anymore.

Everyone fights to be seen,
Not caring what they lose.
The urge to be known,
Pulls at your clothes,
Yanks your hair,
Scars your face,
Changes your body.
You are no longer yourself.


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