What really matters

This is my last post about topics for a while, the rest of my blog post will be more about my everyday life and goings on, but I will still have topics that come up.

In this life you will have people who have less or more maturity then you. Some may lack in certain areas others lack in general. Maturity to me is when you can see past the right now, or the little things and look at a bigger picture.

In my opinion (for those who won’t realize these are my thoughts not yours they can be different), when I see people all riled up about homosexuality, sex before marriage, or creating race issues I can only think about them being very immature.

We have soldiers, marines, airmen, and seamen overseas fighting and dying everyday protecting other countries as well as our own, but you decide that whether or not someone approves of you or your friends lifestyle is more important than that.

We have a group called the government that controls out very lives and how we live it and right now we have people in this group who aren’t looking for our best interest but their own, and your worried about the girl who had sex before marriage with her boyfriend.

We have people who die everyday from not getting enough food to eat, or for not having the money to pay for medical bills, but you think that because someone said something that offended you it’s a bigger issue.

I see people who post all day everyday about these social issues and personal issues over the issues that effect us all. Yes these are important some what, but when you put them against the grand scheme of things not so much.

For all of those who will say that “well I post to enlighten people about what’s going on”, no you don’t you post for the same reason as anyone else, you want people to see things from your point of view on a certain subject, you want people who agree with you, and you wait patiently for the person who DARES post anything you don’t like about your information.

Posting about helping the homeless doesn’t help the homeless. No one wants to be “dragged” down by sad thoughts while casually scrolling through their newsfeed. We glance over those articles and the people who post them feel like they have accomplished something and that it is all they have to do.

If we can spend money on “things” for our own enjoyment why can’t we spare money or time for those in need? Don’t be a hypocrite, I can honestly say I don’t help as much as I should I wait to be approached, I wait for the problem to come face to face with me before I do anything, but we can’t be a nation or people who does this anymore.

On other issues it may feel like you can’t do anything at all, but you can by supporting those who are trying and might make progress. By voting, supporting our troops even if you don’t support the cause. There is always something to do instead of increasing the negativity towards something you honestly know nothing about except what news articles and websites want you to know. If your naive enough to think that your website would never lie to you, your newspaper, or your online source think again. Next time you condemn someone make sure you know what your talking about, were you there when this man got shot? Yeah there is some evidence that has been released but is it all the evidence? Is there something missing? Do you know without a doubt that this person is in the wrong? No you don’t. So if you want to post an opinion do so when you can without a doubt have full proof evidence to back you up, and short of being there you won’t have it so keep yourself out of it.

Hate to rant but it has all been on my mind. Think before you post, think before you speak, just think.


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