Happiness in hard times

Whether you are struggling with a form of depression or you are just having a bad week,day, etc. There are things you can do to make it better, in my last post I talked about how being sad after something troubling has happened is normal, but continuing on the cycle, staying sad or upset is not a good thing. These are things that I do that might help you through tough times.

Music, it is number one on my anti-depression list. I listen to the music that makes me want to dance. I always felt I was born to be a dancer, not having any lessons I choreograph my own routines. Some people say I’m good but I always strive to be better. Getting my creative juices flowing with music that I love helps take my mind off of things that might cause my mind to sit idly by and have depressive thoughts. Whether it’s oldies, new music or music from when I was a child it always helps me. This is the one thing I always try to tell people, when your sad do what makes you happy or opens up your creative side. Some people paint, write music, play an instrument, anything will do. If it is a passion of yours go do it.

Another thing that always makes me feel better whether I’m furious or down in the dumps is to think about all the people out there that have less than me. For instance: I am getting an education, I have no criminal record, I have food to eat, I have a family that is most of the time happy, friends who i can talk to or see on a regular basis. There is so much to be thankful for, but some times when we think this way it’s all fine and good but doing something to help those who don’t have it better than you should go hand in hand with these thoughts. So many times you hear about people who will cause a scene over poor living conditions but won’t do anything to help those people but liking a status, joining a page, or sharing the article. Small things help, a person who has no food instead of buying that ten dollar meal at your favorite restaurant, you can buy a cheap meal for you and someone else. Acts of kindness for those whose story you may not know, or may not ever see again could impact a life. Most of us go through this world not realizing that people we meet impact us negatively or positively and I don’t know about you but when I have helped someone it positively impacts two lives at once and there is no better feeling.

The last thing that brings me peace in my troubles is nature. No matter what your beliefs going out side, when everything seems quiet and looking into the sky, seeing colors that even your imagination couldn’t even describe. Looking out over a high point and viewing the beauty that this world gives us. We take for granted how the things we call “simple” are really intricate designs. They still astound me to this day, if you ever see me in the forest or on a mountain there will always be a smile on my face. I am exploring, by just being out in these places I am learning about the wildlife there and beings that call this there home.

No one know what will make you happy for sure, each person is different with different needs and desires, but in general you know what makes you happy. So any time you feel like there is something hanging onto you or pulling you down to that unhappy place then think about these things, do them. Drugs and other substances dull the pain for a short time until you do them again, but pure happiness comes when you know yourself and you know what makes you happy even in the simplest ways.


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